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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who's your valentine

In Lab this week I worked with the pre-k students this week. When I got their the students were already outside on the playground. We joined them outside and played tag games and even duck duck goose. The students really liked us playing with them and it helped us start learning their names. I think playing their games outside with them really helped us when it came to our activities later on because they were more willing to participate at first. We did a craft with them for valentines day, we cut out hearts for them to decorate with stickers and crayons. It was a very clean and fun craft for them to participate in and they really enjoyed it. Our activities went fairly well, but I think we could of even made them simpler than they were. The main thing to remember with these students is to keep it very simple. I felt overal it was a good experience and I felt the I had a little more of an idea at this lab.

Feel free to look at my Lab 2 sheet!

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