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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last round with St. Mary's

This week at St. Mary's was our last and I think it was a great one. We started out the day using the parachute and playing various games with it. I think this is by far what the students love doing the best. They don't respond to anything better than they do when the parachute is used for various activities. This week we were again in the Special Projects section. We continued our work on designing the gym with our collages that everyone created. I think it looked wonderful and that we did a very good job with it, which most would agree. The game I played was planet invasion, which is a tag game and as we all know the students love tag games. I think went alright, but was a little to advanced for the younger students to understand and they ended up just chasing each other trying to get the flags. I think I should have just done a tag game using the flags.  It would have been easier for them to understand and they still would have loved it. I think my experience at St. Mary's over all was great and I really learned a lot from all the students and my fellow classmates.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It Was Our Special Week!!!

This lab was very different for me, this week we were special projects and I had to come up with a song to sing with the students. The song I sang was called "The Turtle song" which I think the students liked a lot. They all seemed to join in and sing along the second and third time through. It was a little nerve racking at first singing in front of everyone, but after I got going it really wasn't that bad. I stumbled a little at one point, but with a little help I was able to catch back up and keep it going. I was really nervous about doing it when it came time for it. I got there attention when I sang it by myself at first by startling them with the last line which I think helped because it made them want to sing along when it came time for it. As the special projects group we also had to create or decorate something. We decorated the gym doors with construction paper and wrote a few sayings on it. Then we started decorating it with the collages that everyone created. For more information on this weeks lab check this OUT!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Game Adaptations

This past week for Lab we were looking at different games that elementary children actually like to play with. We were actually able to play with some of these games and get an idea of what younger children these days like to play with. The game that I looked at that I would modify is called stackers. Stackers is just what it sounds you stack cups in a pyramid shape and see how fast you can do it. The way I would modify this game or change it is to use bigger or smaller cups for the children to use based on their ablities. The smaller cups would actually be easier for younger children because they have small hands. I think this might make it easier for the children to use. The next thing you could do is actually spread the stacks out so the students had to run a little ways to stack them, this way they could get their heartrate up a little.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Great Times at St. Mary's

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Check out my video Great Times at St. Mary's. It shows all my time at St. Mary's in the past 3 months.