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Thursday, March 29, 2012

This week at St. Mary's was our week to be the gym group. I was the first one to go and I did oceanic rescue. I think it went pretty well, one thing I would have improved with it is to explain it a little more because I felt like the students were confused at first. As far as the throwing and catching there was a mix of abilities. There were a few who were able to throw really well and catch most of the time, but there were also a few students who really struggled with the throwing and weren't even stepping with the right foot when they threw. I had a lot of of participation this week which was a plus because it always seems like they never want to participate in my game. One positive thing that I got out of this week is that I am beginning to feel a lot more comfortable there and really get a long with the students. I really like going there with the students and playing my games and their games with them.
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