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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reflective writeup on abuse & Scandals

The videos we watched in class and the recent scandals at two major colleges really make me sad. I couldn't believe how the abusers in the videos were just able to sit and talk about what they did like it was nothing to them. This also follows along with the two scandals both of the individuals who were accused need to man up and admit the wrong that they did. That is one thing I can say about the individuals in the video at least they were able to admit what they did. I think the video help me understand how much of a problem child abuse can be and how important it is to listen to children if they are trying to tell you something. I know as a future teacher I will pay attention to this problem because I don't forsee it getting any better in the future.

Ch. 1 write-up

Teaching through the Physical:

 I think that teaching through the physical means teaching through the means of physical movement. Teaching simple things such as jumping, hopping, skipping, or galoping are all examples of learning through the movement. These simple things can lead to more movement techniques that can help students learn more information. According to the book learning through the physical can positively affect the cogonitive and affective development of children. Teaching through the physical is the main way that pe teachers teach their classes.

How does Physical activity impact affective growth:

Affective growth has a lot to do with self esteem and an enhanced since of one's self. As a physical education teacher affective growth has a lot to do with the physical activities you choose in your classes. If you choose activities that children enjoy and like, but also are some what interested will make them want to participate. The more they want to participate in and activity means the will act, interact, and react with other people as well as themselves. This is what the book defines affective growth.

Lab 1: 1st St. Mary's trip

Today I observed Lab 1.